About Blend

Blend is developing novel cancer therapeutics designed to overcome efficacy barriers for improved targeting of cancer.

Innovative cancer therapies that target solid tumor biology. We create novel cancer drugs designed to address the challenges that limit the efficacy and tolerability of cancer drugs in use today. Current therapeutic challenges in targeting solid tumors include: targeting of cancer cells selectively, sufficiently accumulating drug at the site of the tumor, penetrating throughout the dense tumor tissue to reach cancer cells deep into the tumor, and achieving potent cell-killing activity with acceptable patient tolerability.

Blend’s innovative medicines leverage tumor biology to gain therapeutic advantage in unique ways. With our Pentarin platform, we create miniaturized biologic drug conjugate (mBDC) incorporated in polymeric nanoparticless that are designed to reach and penetrate the solid tumor and then selectively kill the targeted cancer cells. With our novel personalized Platinum, we have designed it to take advantage of the biology of certain solid tumor cancer cells by using the cell’s appetite for albumin to increase uptake, leading to enhanced efficacy response. 

Our skilled and inventive approach to cancer drug development is evident in two distinct advances in cancer therapeutics:

  • The Pentarin platform is centered around Blend’s novel, miniaturized biologic drug conjugates (mBDCs). These mBDCs are comprised of a proprietary targeting ligand linked to a potent cell-killing agent, with the additional therapeutic features conferred by incorporation into polymeric nanoparticles. The result is a product engine enabling us to develop novel drug conjugates with unprecedented ability to therapeutically penetrate deep inside the tumor tissue and specifically target tumor cells. In our R&D process we optimize these properties for superior efficacy in fighting cancer.  Synergistic anti-cancer activity occurs based on the core components of the Pentarin:  the nanoparticle enables high therapeutic concentration of the mBDCs in the tumor; the small size of the mBDCs allows for effective penetration deep into the tumor tissue; and the ligand’s targeting ability allows for specific binding to tumor cells and selective intracellular payload delivery. Blend’s first Pentarin drug candidate is BTP-277, which is targeted for selected subpopulations of patients with small-cell lung and neuroendocrine cancers.
  • Blend’s novel personalized Platinum therapeutic, BTP-114, is its lead clinical candidate. This novel therapeutic was discovered by Blend’s R&D team and is a new chemical entity. BTP-114 is a personalized cisplatin prodrug that leverages the growing understanding of dysregulated cancer metabolism and the molecular underpinnings of cancers, enabling the first personalized platinum in the field of platinum anti-cancer agents. Once administered, BTP-114 rapidly conjugates to serum albumin in blood with a high degree of specificity, and is preferentially taken up by cancer cells with certain molecular profiles, resulting in enhanced DNA damage and cell death. In this way, BTP-114 is designed to overcome limitations of conventional platinum therapies, which are the largest class of oncology drugs today, with the potential to increase the proportion of patients who respond and their duration of response to platinum-based therapy. 

Blend is rapidly developing its pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics. With the Pentarin platform, we are developing an internal pipeline of proprietary drug conjugates, and the platform also serves as the foundation for developing Pentarins to enhance the therapeutic capabilities of the targeting protein scaffolds or payloads of pharmaceutical collaborators.

Blend was founded by three leaders in the fields of nanomedicine and chemistry from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH)–Harvard Medical School (HMS), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Dr. Omid Farokhzad of BWH–HMS, and Dr. Robert Langer and Dr. Stephen J. Lippard of MIT.  The company has attracted top-tier investors including Flagship Ventures, NanoDimension and New Enterprise Associates.