Pipeline Overview

Blend’s pipeline exemplifies the company’s productive R&D approach for developing first-in-class cancer drugs designed to overcome biologic barriers of cancer and improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies.

blend pipeline

The lead drug candidates in Blend’s pipeline reflect two distinct innovations in cancer therapeutics: 

  • BTP-114 is a novel personalized cisplatin prodrug.
  • BTP-277 is the first of a series of Pentarins that Blend is developing based on its innovative platform. Blend has obtained a robust preclinical proof-of-concept data package validating the promise of Pentarins as the next class of biologic drug conjugates. BTP-277 is expected to enter the clinic in early 2016. Cancers that are likely to be responsive to this approach with BTP-277 include subpopulations of small cell lung and neuroendocrine cancers.